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Association Sunrise attends the second European Green Academy

Association Sunrise was invited to participate in the second European Green Academy organized by the Green European Foundation - GEF - Green European Foundation together with Heinrich Böll Stiftung Warsaw, Fundacja Strefa Zieleni, and Ostra Zielen

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Green agenda for exiting the climate and energy crisis

​The energy system from being centralized and monopolized should grow into a democratic system that will allow citizens greater control and choice both in energy consumption and in their role as producers of energy from renewable sources.

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Can civil assemblies complement democracy in the Western Balkans?

At the event organized by GEF - Green European Foundation and hosted by the Association for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development "Sunrise" - Skopje, dozens of civil activists and environmental protection associations, academic representatives and representatives of independent advisors at the local level participated.

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Annual Meeting of the European Green Foundation - GEF - Green European Foundation

At the annual Assembly of the European Green Foundation - GEF - Green European Foundation, organizations from all over Europe participated to discuss and present their visions and activities towards ensuring a better socio-economic future and overcoming current crises through green and sustainable policies

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Energy democracy workshop by supporting the establishment of energy communities and cooperatives

As part of the Central and Eastern Europe Network of Associations and Foundations in the Green European Foundation - GEF, a workshop on Energy Democracy was held in Vienna, where the novelties of this important topic, which is part of the just energy transition, were presented.

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